Production is our passion. This is why what we do, is who we are.


What does that mean? Every show we do, is who we want to be, the company you can create a partnership with and continue to entertain or bring your message to your audience. This isn't and will never be "work" to us, every challenge is another opportunity, and every great show is another memory that we will remember forever. We're grateful to be located in the heart of Music City, Nashville TN, and have the relationships, partners, and resources we have. Thanks for checking us out, we look forward to working with you soon!


Cody Heimann



I moved to Nashville in 2007 and never intended on staying. It's almost funny how opposite life has gone according to my plans. Starting my career at the Tracking Room recording studio here in Nashville, I quickly found myself bored with the day to day studio life and found live production. Working as mostly a patch guy and system engineer throughout my career (still currently, as well as Production management) I've always been the one to deal with all the "odds and ends" and wireless just happened to be that "thing" that no one ever wanted to deal with. The more and more I worked and the more shows I dealt with I became more fascinated with the challenge of a solid RF environment. From there on is history, the gear came, the researched happened and I just ended up being the RF guy on my shows. What started as an idea in the garage between my father and I, Now, OCCS is born, I hope this company, our company, is able to make your event, show, production, anything as amazing as you imagined it could be.


Clients and Shows

Barbershop Harmony Society World Competition

Vanderbilt University Commencement

ASAE Convention

National Association of Realtors Convention

Crossroads Easter Service (Ford Center In the Round)

Lipscomb University Presidential Prayer Breakfast

Academy of Pediatrics National Convention

American College of Radiology Convention

National Wildlife Turkey Federation Convention


Projection Presentation Technologies

AEG Live

Brantley Sound

Paul Simon



Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame Award Show and Induction Ceremony

And Many Many More!

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